Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

   Wahoo!! Mothers are the best!! I think we can all agree that mothers are in fact the best. My baby Wyatt has a mom, her name is Cara and we spend all day telling her she's the best, even if it isn't Mother's Day (which, despite Cara's insistence, it turns out most days are not Mother's Day).

   So, I got Cara what any mother would want: Power Tools.

I guess I can't really call this "Power Tools" plural, when it's really Power Tool singular.

   That's right. It's the Ryobi 4-cycle gas engine string trimmer. It's even better than the Binford Gas Powered String Trimmer 2000 that was recently featured on Tool Time. The reason you can give your wife a power tool for Mother's Day is it's like saying "Here honey, I will do lots of yard work for a long time." Trust me, she'd like nothing better than for me to get her the attachment to my drill that lets me put recessed lighting in our ceiling. Well, that's not really true. She'd prefer it if I just paid someone to put lights in our living room and family room. And, over that she'd prefer a cruise somewhere. Let's not dwell on these things though because dad she got a gas powered weed whacker!
   Now I am ready to whack it up like crazy out in the yard.

   Speaking of yard work, know who loves it!? Wyatt!!

This is the closest he's ever been to the running lawnmower.

Sheesh that's adorable. Also, Wyatt's there!!

Too close, running away.

   Yeah, I know our lawn looks awful. But my treasures are stored in heaven and also I didn't have a weed whacker yet. And this warm spring really caught me off guard, usually you don't have to water your grass until like August around here, but April was actually borderline hot.

When we finished, we went inside and ate some chocolate. No, I can't lie to you. That's dirt. We went inside and ate some dirt. Look how happy it makes us!

   But it wasn't just the promise of yardwork that I gave Cara. No, no, there was much more. Including flowers, her favorite Pad Thai and Fried Tofu (all of which you see in the picture above), and I made some juice from our new juicer that she basically bought herself for Mother's Day.

   Now, you're thinking "Really, Grant!? It's been a week since mother's day and you are just now posting about it!?" No!! Guys it's okay, really!! I am not that far behind because I only got her this crap a couple of days ago! So it's not like I am that far behind!! Everything's fine!

   Sheesh, you guys are sure on my case a lot for the minor discrepancies in my blogging. Just like Cara's mom, who came over later in the afternoon on Mother's Day and was all like "Travis took his wife to Rome for Mother's Day and she's not even a mom for seven more months." You remember Travis, Cara's ex. Of course you do, everybody does. They bring him up all the time, and apparently keep in such close contact that they know his wife's due date with high precision. So what if he knows how to fix cars and fly planes. Can he mow a lawn?! Probably, if he can do those other things. But can he walk on his hands? Neither can I, so we are basically the same leave me alone.

My mood: I'm doing the best I can, okay!
Wyatt's mood: It's fun to work outside!!
Listening to: THIS IS THE VOICE!!

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