Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dancing Kiddo!!

   Wyatt actually loves to dance. He gets from his daddy, who is widely regarded as one of the best closet-dances ever. If no one is around, I am able to bust some moves that I am pretty sure would make great youtube fodder. But, this isn't about me (though maybe it should be), it's about Wyatt, Ke$ha-with-a-dollar-sign, and Wreck It Ralph. Watch.

   Since pretty much every dance/rap song ever involves having hands in the air and/or expressing a lack of care, it is fitting that hands in the air is Wy's go-to dance move. In that video above, I edited about two minutes of him just watching the TV with his hands in the air, occasionally waving them around. It's pretty funny. Here's more.

   See! The hands in the air!! Did you see it!! For what it's worth, I think Wyatt's dancing is better than the stuff in the music videos to these songs. The Postal Service Owl City sings "When Can We Do This Again," and it features some of the creepiest faces, lean-ins and crooked smiles I can imagine in one place, from one person. It's like you watch it and think "Oh wow so you're like 40 and are unable to stop staring at that camera." Here, watch.

   Wasn't that simultaneously cute and creepy?? I can see the director of the video being like "Hey, Owl? Can we try another move? No? We can't. You just have the "lean one shoulder, stare and half smile?" Ok. Great stuff. Let's do that seven times in three minutes." Remember, I know about dancing because of my title as World's Greatest Closet Dancer Probably.

Let's do one more video, this time with a bit more wholesome music in the background.

   I don't know why I love Ke$ha so much. I can't get enough of her. She really does make the hipsters fall in love. Sometimes I am walking down the street and suddenly I think "oh what a shame that you came here with some-ooooonne" and then I think "why on earth is this song ALWAYS in my head, even if I haven't heard it for two  months!?" It's annoying, and I feel like there's some sort of government mind control going on.

   So, there you go. My son loves to dance, but it's really just marching around the room with his hands straight up. He does it all the time, whenever any sort of music is playing, and it makes my life much better.

My mood: tired from dancing
Wyatt's mood: tired from dancing
Listening to: Kesha...

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