Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Camera!!

Have I used this one already?

   I've known for a long time that the pictures and videos are the biggest weakness of this blog. You're never going to have a successful mommy blog if you can't get pinned or liked or spread viral diseases or something? I mean, My Kid Is Special has a lot going for it: a hot mom blogging away, cute kid, great writing, endless sarcasm, and a sporadic updating schedule. What we need is to up our visual game.

   Enter the Canon Rebel 3000 Sharp AS Prime Meridian Ultra 2000. It was my gift to Cara for Christmas, by which I mean she wanted the camera and I said "fine go buy it!"

   You might have already noticed some killer, improved pics and vids from before, but let's do a side-by-side comparison.

This is how the new camera takes a picture of the old camera...

...and this is how the old camera takes a picture of the new camera.
    Ooooh, look how dark and unclear that new camera looks when having its picture taken by the old camera. And look at how much smaller the image is. And how fat it makes my fingers looks. My fingers have been described as "dainty" and "just like your sister's!!" so something must be wrong here. Let's move on.
   (Note: if you looked closely you could see my fingers in both of the above photos. That's right, I took the two photos at the same time. Two camera's taking pictures of each other at the same time!? That's gotta be illegal! You're right, it is. There's a small chance it can create a crazy vortex, no one knows which kind though. So don't do it unless you are crazy brave like I am. Also, the old camera takes pictures much faster.)

   So, when we first got the new camera, Cara was of course super excited to use it to take amazing and beautiful pictures. She has a real artistic side that only comes out when she has new things to be artistic with. It's why we have a dresser full of half-started craft ideas. Anyways, this was Cara's first photograph, an artsy, dangerous commentary of the world we live in:

Thanks Cara!! This was a great use of the new camera we took a third second mortgage for.

So not to be outdone, the old camera tried the same thing:

I paid one dollar for this mouse at the goodwill computer store. It also doesn't work anymore.

Just so you know, this is what the internet's picture of a mouse looks like:

   Let's keep on rolling. Here's a picture of our Christmas Holiday Tree with the new camera:

Come on, Cara!! You couldn't even get the whole tree!? Gah!

   And here's a picture of that picture of our tree:

Old camera, you are not looking good right about now.

   Okay, fine, so none of that stuff matters. Here's what matters: Pictures and videos of me and the baby. Here's the new camera taking a picture of the Wy Guy sleeping:

Whoa, didn't see that coming. Who knew that a better camera would just enhance physical blemishes and skin irration? He looks like he has a rash! This is awful.

   And here's the old camera's picture of Wyatt sleeping:

WHAT!? Old Camera!! He's not even asleep!! Can't you do anything right!? You're done.
   Fine, Cara's camera wins. At everything. She won't even let me take picture with it because she thinks I'll break it. She's right in thinking this, but it still bothers me. I guess I'll have to settle for posting only what she deems is appropriate or worthy or cute enough from now on. Ugh, this is a disaster.

My mood: I feel like Paul Bunyon when he lost to the chain saw and train team, only my version is more manly.
Wyatt's mood: we played outside in the sun for like an hour and he's happy!!
Listening to: Our fire roaring.

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