Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let The Kid Be A Kid!!

   Some people might judge us for letting Wyatt do this. In fact, my mom and sister were definitely judging us. As were all the neighbors that walked by. I think the geese even gave me a sideways look. I'll report, you decide.

   What's so bad? No pants? Bare skin? Wearing Keens? Letting him have his way in a dirty drain/puddle and a pile of rotten old leaves? Playing in the street? Yeah, okay, maybe that's pretty bad.

   You need to let kids do what they want to do. At all times. This is very important to being a liked parent.

   My mood: all relaxed and chill, dude
   Wyatt's mood: didn't like leaving his new Christmas toy.
   Listening to: Joe Buck.

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