Saturday, January 12, 2013


   If you compare my blog word-for-word with other blogs like it, you'll probably find that I am delivering way more content than Michelle over there, for example, who has know idea how to really dive into the meat of a post. I mean, just because Hayden can say "blue" when he points to something blue doesn't mean that she should overlook the significance of the color blue and how it relates to our jobs as parents and life-builders. It's like all she cares about is cute pictures.

   Well, today I am just going to post some cute pictures. This was from a trip to the hardware store, sitting around the house, and a trek to the park near our house, and also near Steve's parent's house if you cared. (He sure does, sheesh. You don't have to bring it up every time I see you Steve.)

We like to let him explore all the inhalable chemicals.

Cara was wondering if she had something up her nose.

Kid loves to swing.

Wyatt was... also... wondering if he had something up his nose?

You're welcome.

Isn't he just the cutest thing ever!! His mom cut his hair and he looks like a little boy. Also, I said I wasn't going to write as much so I'll back off now...

My mood: knocked this blog out in like 5 minutes!! And no videos!
Wyatt's mood: I feel famous!!
Listening to:  Chumbawumba (sp?)

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