Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fine Motor Skills!!

Disaster imminent: There was an open applesauce on the corner of the table. Wyatt saw it, wanted it, and could reach it. He went for it. I was powerless to do anything about because I was watching Parks and Rec online and Andy was going off on Chris about how Chris stole April from Andy because Andy was dead but he wasn't. It was comedy gold. I can't just leave that. But then I did. I ran over to the baby and the table and what did I see?

   Oh, no big deal. He only set it down on the mat (not the carpet), walked over to grab a spoon, and then fed himself with the spoon!! Yeah, he was 15 months old at the time (he's now 16 months old). I don't know if there's ever been a more coordinated 15-month-year-old in the history of Eugene Oregon 97401, but if there has then that kid must've been a genius.
   He can actually scoop up ice-cream organic yogurt into his spoon and feed himself without making a mess all over the table. Now, his shirt and his face are a disaster, but he's doing good. In fact, he can feed it to me as well.

   Makes you wonder, what else can this kid do?

   Somewhere along the line, Wyatt learned to pretend-snore. We don't know where. The only snorer in our family is his grandpa, but we've never pretended to sleep by snoring. Still, he'll do this (watch him, not me):

   Sheesh that's cute. Also, my arms looked super buff there (because they are).

My mood: I feel like I've been neglecting you AND my child instead of just my child. Sorry everyone.
Wyatt's mood: Spider bit!
Listening to: the pellet stove roar

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