Sunday, January 6, 2013


That's snow! It's important I tell you this because
you wouldn't have discerned it on your own!!
   Well, if you were on facebook Monday, December 17th, then you were acutely aware of the fact that it was snowing!! What?! How on else could you possibly have known that without facebook?
   Anyways, this was the first time Wyatt has been around snow and able to walk. In Eugene, snow turns to not snow pretty quick, so Cara woke the baby up, threw him in some clothes, and threw him outside. Just look!!

   Okay, that was pretty boring. Most of the videos my wife takes are like that, really. There was no action or suspense, certainly no drama, I don't know what the point was.
   So, um, we've got another video of him in the snow. I wouldn't really bother watching it if I were you. It's more of the same. I just feel the need to post it, because, you know, it happened. It was his first time in the snow and we need a record that it happened. And this is a mommy bloggy which means that everything my son does is newsworthy!! It's like, him experiencing things makes up for the fact that I haven't experienced anything in months!! It's good! So, watch this one!!

   See, I was totally right. Just an adorable kid walking around in the snow, not really liking it. Nothing to see, let's move along.

   Funny thing is, the kid loves ice. Like, when we want to distract him, we'll grab some ice cubes and throw them in a glass and watch him go to town on those things. He'll hold them, suck on them, dump them and stack them. His lips turn blue and eventually he can't really move his fingers. It's adorable. One of the cuter things he does. So we're a bit surprised he doesn't love snow, but maybe that has something to do with the fact that he was asleep 6 minutes before these videos were filmed.
   Next year, when we receive our glorious 57 minutes of snow, we'll make sure to take better advantage of it.

My mood: edgy
Wy's mood: playful
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