Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Separation Anxiety!!

   Well, everyone said it was coming, and it looks like everyone was right. Wyatt is starting to get pretty attached to his mother. (Just so we are extremely clear: I am not his mother.) She is the desired target when he is sad, or tired, or bored, or awake. How does this make me feel? Neglected? Sad? Dejected?

   No. It feels awesome.

   It's like I am off the hook for everything. Putting him to bed, calming him down, and playing with him: mom has to do it all!! It's wonderful!! What's even more wonderful is there's not really anything I can do about it. I want to help, I really do! But the baby wants mommy, and right now the baby tends to get what it wants. So I can still show remorse and try to be helpful, but really the best thing I can do is eat some ice cream.
   I do wish that Wyatt would show me the same affection, but I can wait until he's a little older and wants to play basketball or cards or something. Sometimes, maybe, it makes me a bit sad that - while in my arm -  he'll cry when mommy leaves for work. Sure, it's a bit of a reminder that he needs his mom more than he needs me. It's as if he remembers that I wasn't able to provide for him solely on my own when he was a newborn. Will I ever be able to? This does not feel awesome.

   <insert smooth transition>

   Watch this video! It's a bit old, but it's lots of fun.

   And here's a mandatory eating-spaghetti-from-a-highchair picture that is required to be a loving parent:

I'm trying to knock out every mandatory-baby picture. Here's what's on the list:
- Newborn in hospital (check)
- Newborn sleeping (check)
- Standing up in crib (check)
- Bubble bath
- Spaghetti on face (check)
- First birthday cake on face
- Halloween costume (missed a golden opportunity here, last Halloween we thought about dressing him up as a crayon (a crayon!!), but didn't get the idea until it was too late. What a waste.)
- Christmas present opening/eating
- Funny pajamas (zebra suit or frog suit or something)
- Kissing a sibling/cousin/friend of the opposite sex on the mouth (this one's more optional than mandatory)
- Prom
- Ballerina (check)

I'm sure I've missed some, but that's a pretty good list. Feel free to let me know of anything I should add. I think that Bubble bath and Funny pajamas are in the near future, whereas I have absolutely no idea when we might get a chance to take his First birthday picture.

My mood: relieved
Wyatt's mood: hoping Durant can play well tomorrow night
Listening to: definitely not Katy Perry

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