Saturday, June 2, 2012

Two Socks, Four Holes

There are three interesting things about this picture:

1)   Those socks didn't have holes in the heels when I put them on three days ago. I could feel the holes wearing through as I continued to walk my sick baby in circles around the house. We probably did over 100 laps these last two nights, over the course of four or five hours. I should measure how far that is. I probably wore a track in the carpet too. Wyatt would only really sleep if he was held and walked. He's had a fever and sore throat, and now it seems to be a runny/stuffed nose. (Side note: our podiatrist's office said they wouldn't see him unless his fever was 105 degrees. 105!!!)

2)   Did I say I put on those socks three days ago? Did I mention that whole outfit is three days old? When you have shoulder surgery, changing your shirt falls pretty far down the priority list because it's terrifying. There is such potential for pain! Showering and changing upper body garments plummets in frequency, from 4-times per week to, like twice per week if you're committed. But, on the plus side, I've gotten very good at doing baby things one handed, and Wy has learned to sit on the sling's pad and hold on to the strap a little while I try to hold him. He's so smart!! Way smarter than the average baby his age.

3)   But it gets worse. I wore that exact outfit to work two days ago. Yes. Black athletic shorts, orange short-sleeved collared button-up shirt and garish sling. I hadn't yet put on the now-worthless socks, however, instead I was wearing chacos. That outfit is an assault on business casual. It's business-casual-athletic-dayatthebeach homeless-hippie-disabled. Really I was wearing it as a form of protest. I know not what I was protesting. I just spent the day hoping to avoid any superiors, and hiding behind my desk while teaching. Really, though, it wasn't that much more "casual" than some of my colleagues at the community college.

     So, if you're keeping track at home, you should have an underemployed housedad in a three-day-old outfit with holey socks, no shower and one arm who is unable to do most basic chores . Making me what all the single ladies would call "a catch," if my wife weren't so lucky to already have me.

My mood: groggy
Wyatt's mood: stuffy
Listening to: The Backyardigans

(in case you are wondering, there are also two holes at the tops of the socks, where my feet go in)


  1. I think perhaps the Podiatrist wondered why you were calling him about your son's fever...Maybe a Pediatrician would have been more apt to get him an appointment.

    1. Wow Lg2, do I get on your blog and point embarrassing mistakes? I sure don't, and not just because I couldn't find any. Think about that tonight as you go to bed. Thanks for reading!