Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day With The Grandparents!!

   Were super fortunate in our household. Wyatt is surrounded by people that love him and want to play with him. While I've been hindered by the temporary loss of an arm, my mom and dad have been watching Wyatt more than usual. A few days ago he and I spent the whole day at their house!!

   Wyatt loves playing with his grandparents. With Grandpa, he tends to be much more grabby. Noses, glasses, eyeballs and shirts. Grandpa likes to make different sounds and poke different parts of Wy's belly.


     With grandma, the interactions are still playful, but of a much more cuddly variety. She's the one that changes diapers and clothes and feeds him and puts him to bed.

Wyatt's obviously never happy with his grandparents

   They watch a lot of Sesame Street, play with Beanie Babies and other toys, and take lots of naps. While I was over, I managed to get the cutest video since that baby panda sneezed:

   I like spending the day at my parents. They clean up Wyatt's sneezes, change his diapers, feed him, play with him, and offer me food - all while I sit on the couch. It's pretty great. I'll talk about Cara's parents someday, maybe when they stop talking about Travis. I get it. He makes more money, you liked him better. He probably has the use of both of his arms as well!! However, I doubt he has a killer blog like I do, that gets over twenty page views per post. Think about that.

My mood: I hate hearing my voice on camera!!
Wyatt's mood: wanting to climb on everything!!
Listening to: Mumford and Sons

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