Saturday, June 9, 2012

Workin' Around The House!!

   Wyatt's totally a hands-on, kinesthetic learner who just wants to do, you know what I mean? No sitting behind a desk for him, no sir!! So when he  sees daddy doing some of his man chores around the house, he wants in.

   Dad does the dishes? Wyatt helps unload. He loves crawling on the dishwasher door, almost as much as his dad loves italics!! And he'll stand up bracing himself on the bottom rack. When it rolls back and forth, he gets a little ab workout!! (Get it? Little ab workout? Cause his abs are little, quite unlike his father.)

That's a spatula, not a knife. Chill out already.

   While the dishwasher runs, dad is busy organizing his dvds and video games by theme and awesomeness. Wy says "I got this" and throws them all the ground!! (He thought I ranked The Fugitive too low, and boy was he right." He then tastes all the dvds and sorts accordingly.

   Time to put the dishes away? Wy says "No problem, favorite parent! Let me crawl into this cupboard and clear out some space!!" So he crawls into the little corner and takes out some glass lids that don't match anything in the house. What a guy!!

   And, it allowed us to take THE CREEPIEST BABY PICTURE EVER:

    It's straight from a zombie poster.

My mood: ferocious
Wy's mood: fantastic
Watching: Sid the Science Kid

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