Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Armed Daddy!!

     Well people, if you didn't know, I'm pretty broken. I had ACL surgery in March and shoulder surgery yesterday, both on my left side. I knew having a baby was hard on your body, but this?! So I am typing and living with one arm and 1.5 knees.

     Before my shoulder surgery I was practicing doing my chores with one arm. Making a bottle, picking up Wyatt, feeding him, changing his diapers, and dressing him. Some were more successful than others. I was actually real surprised with how well the diaper change went, but Wyatt was being uncharacteristically cooperative. Also, typing "uncharacteristically cooperative" with one hand takes like an hour.

Putting him to bed.

     I've actually been holding him like this for months. It gives me a free hand and he really enjoys it. It quickly turns into this:

It's fun up high!!

Or this:
It's fun swinging back and forth!!

Swinging back and forth or spinning in a circle always gives him a smile. I guess when you are a baby, pretty much all carnival rides can be accomplished by daddy!!

     Did you notice those purple socks? Who am I kidding, of course you did. They are put on pre-surgery and are pretty much all I wear around the house. They are thick and soft and have little grips on the bottom. I plan to wear this exact outfit when I go back to work.

     Let's close with a cute picture!!

Cute mommy and baby!

My mood: drugged
Wyatt's mood: happy!
Wife's mood: sleepy
Listening to: ipod on shuffle

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  1. handed...please don't show brad how to pick Maya up like this..ever!hahahaah