Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love That Baby!!

     Whew!! Another taxing day taking care of the baby!! It used to be that whenever Wyatt took a nap, I'd take advantage of my free time to idle on pinterest or check some design blogs or shoot some zombies, like most moms. Now I find with each nap, I am more and more inclined to just sit around. (And no, I don't think "just sitting around" and "shooting zombies" are the same thing. I won't even explain why, it's so ridiculous.) I guess I am getting more and more tired as this whole "parenting" thing continues.

     It's sure nice when mommy and daddy are both home to play. Everything just seems to go better. Here's a picture of Wyatt sleeping on mommy, while she sips some scotch or ice water or something. One of us can watch the baby while the other one gets stuff done! Like blogging! Which is a real thing and worth the time it takes!!

     As great of a picture as that one is, here's one of Wyatt's best ever.

     Doesn't it make you examine yourself? Are you living up to your potential? Are you ready to raise the next generation? Can you handle the responsibility of cultivating such innocence? Can you really protect and provide for that angel? Is that which dwells within all of us truly ours, or are we just stewards of the light for a brief moment?

         Crawling!! For about a week now he's been alternating arms and legs, moving in one fluid, energy efficient motion. He seems to have to think about each movement, despite him getting around about twice as fast and three times as silently. I got a video showing his bum, because we've all seen his face now.

     Thanks for stopping by, everyone! What a happy, healthy, normal family we have here!! No need to call local authorities because you fear for someone's safety after the last few posts, because everything is great!!

My mood: I feel loving, supportive and nurturing of my baby like I always do, and my wife agrees.
Wy's mood: happy, loved, and thankful for having such great parents!
Listening to: not rap music with bad words!! 

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