Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Bib!!

    There are several things I am not good at as a housedad. Things like keeping Wyatt away from outlets, not letting him crawl off a bed or a table, reading to him (or reading in general), and feeding him. I tend to let him cry for an hour just so that I am convinced he is actually hungry and doesn't just need "attention" or something weak like that.
     But when I do get around to feeding him, boy am I good at it!!

     This picture was taken after we he had eaten two whole things of baby food. Two!! We didn't use a bib the entire time, and you can see he barely has any food on his face OR his shirt. This is a triumph. I am now making a note of how huge of a success we had.
     You see, it's hard to overstate my satisfaction because Wyatt's mom sure can't do this. She uses a bib for the baby and herself and still gets food all over the counter. Then she doesn't clean it up. So she can blame me all she wants for letting him sit in a dirty diaper for 8 hours, but I am the one who can feed him cleanly.

     Recently when the sun was out, Wyatt got to take his first swim!!

     He wasn't very happy to be in a wet diaper that wasn't his own doing, and sitting in wet clothes also seemed a bit uncomfy to him. In fact, when you think about his pot belly, fisherman's hat and general sneer and disposition, he was a lot like an old man. I was pretty terrified too, really. But we had fun. Wy has really come around on baths too, now he loves them. He doesn't want to leave the bath until it's drained entirely!! I'd show pictures, but I think I'd get arrested for indecent child exposure or something (you can see his private parts).

My mood: content
Wyatt's mood: growing pains
Listening to: a DVD repeat the same menu song and dialogue over and over. Turn that thing off!!

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  1. Lovvvve your blog!hilarious!Wyatt is sure the handsome lil man...