Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Sitter!!

     We hit a milestone in the Gilchrist family recently! For the first time in Wyatt's seven month life, he had a babysitter that wasn't a grandma or an aunt or television. We had somebody from the outside.

     Cara and I have very complimentary schedules. We only need my mom or someone to watch Wy once a week or so, for a couple hours. Sometimes more and sometimes less, but it's not much for two parents who both work. Well, my parents were on vacation, Cara's parents weren't in town, Ashley (my sister) was busy, and Garrett (my brother) is terrified of babies, so we found someone else.
     We didn't stray too far from the family. The sitter is Cara's brother's girlfriend, which makes her my wife's brother's girlfriend, which, I think, makes her my girlfriend-in-law? Is that how that works? There's probably a "half" or "once removed" in there somewhere. You probably want to know who she is and what she looks like and all that, because you are creepy that way. Here's a picture, but I'll keep her name off the internets (I didn't ask her permission to talk about her at such length... or at all).

     Anyways, she claims to be the youngest of six or seven, she claims to have like 16 nieces and nephews, and she claims to work with babies at her job on campus. So, really, she claims to watch and work with babies all the time. I am not so sure I believe her. She did not provide any references or a resume, mostly because we didn't ask for them. Still, it would have been good for her to at least give some sort of proof.
     She's actually watched Wyatt several times before, but always when I am home. When I tutor and Cara and Ashley aren't available, she'll come over and watch him.
     When I gave her (let's just call her "Sandy") Cara's work phone and described where the formula and diapers were, she was pretty cool. Like "yeah I know I've done this I'll be fine," which is both reassuring and infuriating. I need you to be as nervous as I am so I know you won't let him do any drugs while I'm gone, Sandy!!!!
     So, while I was at work I thought of Wy a bit more often than usual. I checked my phone for texts and calls, followed police reports and even told my classes about the momentous occasion. Of course everything went fine. How could it not. She's a great babysitter and I am pretty sure Wyatt likes her better than me now. It's like he knows that women are better at caring for him than men. I mean, what do I have to do?! He's so judgemental! It drives me crazy. But that's okay. I am way better at Tetris than my wife.

     Here's a recent photo of he and I goofing around:
He loves grabbing the camera

Wyatt's mood: fussy but playful
My mood: hungry but tired
Listening to: Stevie Wonder

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