Friday, December 23, 2011

A Stroll Through the Mall

     Traeden, my wife and I went to the mall to get some final Christmas shopping done. Trae had been once or twice before, and he loves all of the lights, sounds, smells and colors!! He could just stare over my shoulder for hours. It's so fun having people walk by and point out the baby, talk about how cute he is, and here little kids point and say "baby" in their still-learning-to-speak voices. What a great affirmation of the quality of my genes!!
He just fell in love with this cozy, comfy bed at Macy's (and gave daddy a chance to rest his tired, but strong, arms):

   It looks like he has expensive tastes. Luckily, the bed was on sale!

Hopefully nobody thought I had a baby for sale! How awful! And we would never mark his price down.

Seriously though, selling children, or any people, is bad unless they agree to it.

Baby's mood: trying to fart and can't
My mood: trying to fart and can
Listening to: Pandora - Colbie Callait

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