Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Guys and Their Trucks

(side note before we begin: to protect Wyatt's identity, I will from here on out refer to him as "Traeden," which was a strong consideration for a name anyways. So remember, Wyatt = "Traeden" in this blog. I will also start grabbing pictures of other babies off the internet  unless he is just too cute to hide. Want to keep that boy safe!!)

     As Wyatt and I went for another stroll today (our seventh in 3 days! what a treat!) we walked by a lot of guys in trucks. Some were leaving or returning home, some were doing work on a job site, and some were probably just driving around. I am certain that as these men saw me and my super - nice stroller, they could only imagine the minivan I must have at home and were crazy jealous!!! They are thinking "man that guy has it good, just walking his baby around and he probably has a dvd player in his car too!!"
     They must feel like suckers! I don't have a minivan! Yet. But the wife sure wants one. Can't wait for that.

     You know when you are tired, or mimicking a horse, and you blow out your mouth and make that ppbfbfbfbfbfbfbfppt sound like a horse? Well today (you're not going to believe this), after I had fed "Traeden" and was burping him, he put his lips on my neck and made that same sound!! Right on my neck! It sure felt weird (and then it felt real warm because he spit up a little).
     When I burp Wyatt and he starts to fall asleep, he'll put his arms around my neck like he's hugging me. How precious. And his hair is starting to get real even and soft! Here's a picture. (of... "Traeden").

Traeden's mood: fussy
My mood: So much to get done-y!
Listening to: Enya

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