Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Growing Older And Less Cuter

Have I used this picture already?! I don't know. But I do know this: overalls >  everything.

   We've had an especially cute couple of weeks here at My Kid Is Special. I mean, I've been my usual trend-setting self (just yesterday I was told I look "comfortable"!!) and Wyatt has been happy and playful and dressed to impress, but even Cara has done something with her hair or something!! We'll have to take family pictures soon.

   But, sadly, I've noticed that being adorable isn't an option for Wyatt forever. Let me show you what I mean.

   Here's what he's wearing these days:

So... pay no attention to my sock at the bottom there. I am a great photographer.
   Now, it's not super tiny and all "oh-look-he-thinks-he's-a-person" cute, which we've been known to pull off on occasion, but at least it's still small and sweet. But what the heck is this?!:

   It's gigantic!! It's over two feet long!? Are you able to get a feel for its size from the picture? Let me try another one:

I can't even hold it far enough from my body to get the whole thing in the camera.  Hopefully Wyatt gives some perspective as to how enormous this sleeper is.

   Gah!! Nothing cute about that! Is he going to be that big? I mean, I guess that's the goal, but, I just feel like having him run around in those clothes is going to be creepy. The tag said it was for 16 - 17.5 months, which I thought was a bit too specific, but who knows. Ugh.
   Still, I need to be ready with the camera for these few remaining months where he is pinchably cute. Like here, with his new tiger:

   Or here, with his favorite toilet in the background, playing in... my... hair.

Admit it. There was a moment there - just a split second - where you thought that dark stuff might be poo. Ew!! I would never post any of my pictures of him playing in poo, of which I have many.
   Yeah, okay that one's a bit creepy. I was cutting my hair (I cut my own hair, get over it) and he really wanted to put some on. He even tried to eat it, but aborted that idea pretty quick. We let him learn through doing.
It's tough being so happy all the time!!
   At least he'll grow up to be a looker like his dad. Maybe the awkward, not-cute-anymore-yet-not-handsome-yet phase will only last for 10 or 12 years for him. For me, I just got through that phase like four months ago.

My mood: proud of my genes and my jeans
Wyatt's mood: so excited!! We don't even know what for!
Listening to: Daft Punk

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