Thursday, October 25, 2012

Running In Circles

   Here's a video that I totally didn't film while in my underwear. Things like this are getting more and more common in our household (Things in the movie, I mean. Not me filming in my underwear which I wasn't doing. Focus!):

   The kid will run in circles for minutes at a time. Literally just over and over and over. Sometimes the circles are big, sometimes he's basically spinning in place. We don't know why. He'll giggle the whole time, babble to himself, and often crack himself up. All it really takes is putting something on the floor for him to run around. Sheesh it's fun.

   Except for that it's sad. Is he trying to communicate with me?! Is he running in circles because he knows that I have been running in circles too, metaphorically!? My life is kind of stagnant right now. Every day it's the same thing: take care of the baby, think about things to blog about, check to see how many page hits I've gotten in the last four minutes, and read about college football. Yeah, there's some teaching and some picture taking in there, but it's all the same routine.
   Running in circles. How come I haven't become famous from this blog yet!? Is it my fault!? I feel like all it takes to be rich is to be on a reality or daytime talk show, and all of those people just get those jobs from having super interesting lives. I think I have proven that I have a super interesting life, based on the fact that my mom shares almost every single blog update on facebook. It must be worth reading!
   Running in circles. How does he know?! Are Cara and I running in circles? We are. I mean, literally, we chase each other and Wyatt around the house like all day long. Sometimes on all fours while we play "lions" (Which is such a stupid name. No one is roaring. No one is pouncing anywhere. We should call it "four-legged-mammals"). But also, not just literally. Non-literally. Sometimes it seems like all she does is work and never really cares that I walked Wyatt around the neighborhood four different times in one afternoon. 
   You're not here for text. Sorry. I got carried away there. Here's some random video I haven't even watched at all, so I don't know what's on it and can't be held responsible for its content.

My mood: obviously super happy!
Wyatt's mood: dizzy and silly!! What fun!
Listening to: KT Tunstall

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