Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Baby Can Double Fist, What Can Yours Do?!

   It's called My Kid Is Special, because I knew early on just how smart, talented, coordinated and perfect little Wyatt would be. I am basically writing these blog posts just so I can prove to the world how much better my kid is than yours, and how much better of a dad I am than all of you, um, mostly women who read this. (hi Joe!!)

   So, let's just put it this way. 12 months old, can your kid do this!?

   Of course your baby can't, that's just crazy! Did you see the part where he picked up his stuffed dog, Tyler, and then tried to play with all three?! Of course you did, because it was near the end and that video was frick'n gripping. That's determination on his part, trying to overcome his physical AND spatial limitations. We still aren't even sure if he's right or left handed, because he's so dang talented with both.

   And to answer your question: yes I do think I'm a wonderful dad for letting him have three wonderful push-roll soundmakers. It's probably why my kid is so special. 

   I also think this is evidence of his, um, specialness:

My mood: so proud!
Wy's mood: what more can I do?!
Listening to: Norah Jones


  1. wait... so in the end, you got him that thing from that store?

    1. Oh yeah totally. We went back to the store and got the wooden lawnmower like two days after those videos (from a couple posts ago) were filmed. Judge away.

    2. he totally deserved it anyway