Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh Gosh Our Lives Just Got So Much Better!!

You can tell he's holding the bottle because I'm clearly holding the camera. Also, he wears that Kermit shirt a lot, we should talk to him about that,
   I've tried to be very consistent with how I portray myself, my son and my lazy wife. I like video games, he likes to hear himself make sounds, she wishes she'd married somebody else. We get it. But, one thing has to change, and this is a very good thing:

   Wyatt can hold his bottle.

   He could always hold his bottle, really, now he just chooses to. Like a big boy. But before we get to that, a little history:

   I've tried lots of things to get him to feed himself. We've used sippy cups, I've taped his hands to the bottle, I've refused to feed him while he cries, I bought a little cage feeder for a gerbil - none of these things worked. It all became exceedingly frustrating when I was playing nintendo discussing politics with a friend over the internet, and he had to be fed. As you know, you can't do the aforementioned activity without both of your hands, so we had to stop our informative dialog and shut down the skype session.

   I go to my parents house. The same tired old act plays out. Just watch:

   Have you ever seen anything more ridiculous!? No! You haven't!! Not unless you've seen this, of course. (Yeah, fine, you caught me. I googled "most ridiculous thing ever" and that was like the 5th option. Way to go, Columbo). Well, we kept on trying. Just a few moments after that video ends, I put him in my lap, opened up his hands, placed them on his bottle, and held them there for about 15 seconds. I was helping him hold his bottle. Then, as I slowly removed my hands from his, well...

   Ohmgosh. Not only did he hold his bottle, he drank from it, he moved his hands, he re-gripped it a couple of times. He'd open his hands and squeeze on it. He once dropped it and then picked it up again!! A whole new world has been opened up in terms of my free time!! The other day I was hanging up a new shelf in his nursery he never sleeps in, and he was super fussy. What'd I do!? I yelled at Cara!! She didn't do anything though, saying she was too busy "holding up that shelf I can't get level," so I ran to the kitchen, grabbed his bottle and some milk, ran back, put it in his hands and watched him go to town. He was feeding himself, I was working, Cara was just relaxing, leaning against a shelf. Typical. But wonderful. 

   It used to be I could only do one thing while Wyatt was hungry: feed him. Now, who knows what I can do!? Blog? Clean? Nap? Workout!? That's probably been the main reason I haven't been able to work out for the last few years, actually: Wyatt no holding his bottle.

My mood: so proud
Wyatt's mood: also pretty proud
Listening to: Neon Trees

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