Thursday, July 18, 2013

Who is This "George" and Where Can I Find Him!?!

   I was pretty excited to see Wyatt for the first time. I don't miss people often, and I don't get excited for much (although I did, after an exclamation of joy, send my buddy a giddy text that said "Waffle Crisp Waffle Crisp Waffle Crisp," which I will talk about some other time). So, missing my family and being excited to see them is not a thing I have experienced often.

   We decided to film my reuniting with Wyatt, but it was so boring and bland that I won't bother posting it. But that got me thinking: Why?! Why wasn't he excited to see me? Have I been replaced?
   Whoa. Have I been replaced? There were signs. Who is "George?" He kept talking about George those last few days when we Skyped. Cara was seeming more aloof then usual. She's usually much more loof. Hmmm.

(this is samus)
   Every man has one nagging fear, one question when he's away from home: Will she find my cereal? (she didn't). But after that, other questions can linger. Like WHO THE HECK IS GEORGE, CARA!?!

   I always knew she still had a soft spot for Travis, the last guy she dated before that last guy she dated before me, but I thought it was innocent. It's similar to how I have a pretty serious crush on Samus: totally harmless. But this? Someone new? I'm not ready for this. I need to talk to Wyatt some more.

   All he says is George. He points and asks for George. He walks up to the computer and wants George. HE CAN SAY GEORGE, for crying out loud. He can't even say Grant! What is going on?! How could he be so fond of someone else so fast?! I'm freaking out!

   Watch this!

   Is he trying to Skype with George? Is that why he was wanting the computer so bad?! What is going on?
   Oh! Wait. I get it. Curious George. Well that's just adorable. I mean, he can see George and talks to him and can say his name, what fun this is! I even remember Cara talking about how much he says George all the time.
   Look at how cute he is when he says George. Just watch this video over and over and over. I have.

   Do you see how his lips are pursed, but barely move?! Try to say it on your own, and you'll see! Wow!

   Wow. George is a weird name. I realize that after saying it over and over, all on my own. I've never met, like, a kid named George before. I imagine if I were at the store and heard a mommy say "come here, George!" that the kid would have dark hair, glasses, and be 40. Do people grow into the name? Was every man who is a "George" today originally a Greg? And then, at his Bar Mitzvah or Quincinera or whatever, did he become George? This is the only thing that makes sense.

   Wyatt will watch Curious George (and sometimes say "Curious!") all day long, if you let him. I am just really happy that the show he loves isn't annoying, but actually kind of soothing (and has great music, too!) Man! What fun we've had today. I don't even remember what all of this commotion was over to begin with! Here's a video that I haven't watched at all!

My mood: calm and relaxed!
Cara's mood: loves her husband and hopefully never reads this!
Listening to: I Had The Time Of My Life And I Owe It All To You

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