Saturday, February 23, 2013

Who Is This Kid?!

   Wyatt got a haircut everybody!! This has got to be the most exciting thing that has happened to me since that episode of The Bachelor where all of those crazy exciting things happened! Now, it's not Wyatt's first haircut. His mom has given him little trimmings here and there whenever he can sit still or be distracted long enough, but this is the first time it 's been drastically changed all around.
   We'll show the old hairdo and the new one right in a row so you can compare:


   Can you see the difference!?

   I was hoping to never ever cut his hair, so that we could see if Wyatt was going to be a modern-day Sampson. By "modern day" i mean still super strong, but instead of using his strength for killing Philistines, he uses it to play baseball and to kill today's Philistines (Racists. No, wait! I mean racism. He's going to kill racism, not racists, because those are two drastically different things). But his mom let a razor touch his hair one day, so those dreams were shattered.

   But just look at the little boy now! I almost don't recognize him. I loved his long, light hair. It would blow in the breeze and stand up on edge when he rolled around, and it was just oh so soft. Kind of like that Downy Bear on the box of detergent, I think.

Super Wy is able to build tall buildings and break them in a single bound!
   It took me a couple days to adjust to the new boy's look. I come home from work one day and all of a sudden there was this kid without his long, blond, breezy hair for me to play with. Remember when it used to do this?

   It's good that Wyatt has such a great mommy who takes care of things like that. She's the one that cuts his hair, trims his nails, brushes his teeth, makes sure he's eating vegetables, sets up appointments to make doctor's appointments, reads books to him and takes naps with him. She's the best! I'm also pretty great too though!
   In fact, now that I think about it I'm pretty sure that Wyatt has brushed his teeth more than I have in the last couple of months. And he's definitely read more books. And eaten more vegetables. Why doesn't mommy take better care of me too?

My mood: stuff to do on this Saturday!
Wyatt's mood: generally indifferent
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