Wednesday, February 20, 2013


   I wasn't voted "Best Dad At Dressing His Son" by the City of Eugene just because I know how to throw together some overalls and a long-sleeved shirt. I wasn't voted "Best Dad At Dressing His Son" at all, actually, but if I had been, it would not be because of the last couple weeks. This happened today:

Velcro points to the outside! Come on, Grant, you learned this years ago!

   Sadly, it did not happen on purpose. I can't even claim to be in a hurry. I actually stopped, looked at the shoes and at his feet and thought I was putting the right shoe on the right foot, when in fact I was putting the right shoe on the wrong left foot. He walked around kind of funny for about half an hour outside, started to fuss and we went home. You might be thinking "If he was walking funny, Grant, then didn't you notice what was going on and look for a problem?!" No! He's been walking funny in general the last few days. One reason he's been walking funny is that when I put him in these shoes, sometimes his toes get kind of smushed. Not because the shoes are small, because they are bent when we try to shove his feet into the too-small shoes.
   Mostly, though, he's been walking funny because he's been trying to walk on his tiptoes. I think he's finally picking that trait up from me. I walk on my tiptoes because it makes me pretty like a ballerina. So in a few years he'll have well-defined calves and knee problems just like his dad.
   You might also be thinking "Wait are his pants even on? Why do they look so baggy there?" He likes to pull them down to show off his diaper. He's come to the school where I teach a couple times in the past week and noticed the trend. He's very impressionable.

   Also sadly, that wasn't the first time we'd had a shoe issue that week:

   Now, the non-matching shoes wasn't my fault. I just couldn't find matching ones. And the sandals-with-socks faux-pas wasn't my fault either. He just already had socks on and I wanted to go play frisbee. Do his pants look funny again?! LEAVE ME ALONE!!

   But to make up for that awful-shoe-week we had, I took this picture of him in overalls and a long-sleeved shirt.

   Okay, so, it's not a great picture. Leave me alone!

My mood: I want to be left alone!
Wyatt's mood: feet hurt
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