Friday, March 30, 2012

Info On The Housedad

     This blog has become very baby-focused, as if all I do is post pictures and videos of Wyatt doing the most innocuous things. But I am more than a diaper changing, bottle making, laundry folding machine. I am a person with hopes and dreams and fear of my own. I have goals that I set, and then lower, and then ignore just like the rest of you. It's time I give myself an update and let you all know what's going on in my life.

Let's focus on just plain old me, no baby, for a while
     I still can't seem to shake that baby weight. I guess taking Wyatt for strolls and rolling around with him on the floor isn't the aerobic exercise I need. I am hoping to get more bike riding in (and we have a trailer for Wyatt, when he gets a bit bigger), and maybe I will start jogging too. We have a jogging stroller that Wyatt should be able to fit in soon. I think I will join (or start) a mommy-jogging group. The truth is I abhor jogging, or just running for running's sake, but I need to get out of the house!!
     Reading: I would like to read more. I need to read to Wyatt more, too. I definitely want him reading by kindergarten! It's hard when we don't have a lot of books I enjoy reading to him, just one Dr Seuss and one Richard Scary, the rest are all boring and derivative.
     Diet: I am trying to eat more vegetables, but the ratio of vegetable-to-dressing required to make greens palatable is about 1:1 in terms of total mass. (That makes sense, okay!). Also, Wyatt needs food more and more all the time, we are supposed to be giving him food, like in terms of meals, around the time we ourselves are eating. That's going to be a struggle, mostly because Cara and I don't really have set meal times or a pattern.

     Games! Wyatt loves to watch me throw the ball up and down. Sometimes I will just sit above his head, drop a ball and catch it right before it hits his nose. If it hits his face he actually likes it, too! One thing I've learned is that whatever happens, good or bad, intentional or not, as long as I laugh and smile, everything is okay! So when he falls over and bonks his head, or something slips from my hand and hits him, we just pretend like that was the game! What fun.

     Wyatt is such a happy, smiley little boy that I miss him when he is gone, or when I am heading to work. I should never work again and just stay home so that I can see every little milestone and be a part of every moment of his life!!
Wyatt got into the brownies. What if I hadn't been home and missed this precious moment!?
     So there you have it! A little update on ol' Grant and his life independent of the baby. Because I am my own man who makes his own rules. I can't be defined as just "daddy" and need to make sure the world knows it.

     My mood: fiesty!
     Wyatt's mood: fussy :(
     Listening to: Whitney Houston

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