Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When Should A Baby Start Crawling?!

     So... um... Wyatt's like almost six months old now, and he's not crawling. I hear about babies that are walking by four months or something, and all Wyatt is able to do is push up off his belly. Is something wrong with him?

     I do everything I am supposed to do! Don't judge me!! While I'm playing on the computer I'll put stuff that he wants to eat (like french fries or paper or grass) just out of reach so he'll try to move towards it. When I am watching TV and he is crying I put him in another room and just let him go crazy for a couple of hours!!

     Here's a picture of my hard efforts:

     As you can clearly see, I am doing my job as a parent in putting the paper just out of hands reach. He wants to eat it, and if he can get to it he can. Come on!! Paper is yummy and good for you!!

     I have two of the best videos of him not crawling. But they both can't be loaded onto here, because they are too long. If I were a good blogger, or could edit videos, you'd be able to watch them. Unfortunately I am neither of those, so I will do the next best thing: Use my gift of word-smithing to paint you a vivid, brilliant picture in your mind that feels like a velvet blanket and tastes like chocolate:

     There we were, him on the floor and me standing above. The paper - already chewed and torn, hard and crispy from having been sucked and then dried, like a tortilla left out over night - was just out of reach. How was he going to put it in his mouth!? He loves putting things in his mouth. 
     But, did he want the paper?There was a camera on him. He is always distracted by cameras. 
     He was trying to crawl! But then he didn't. In fact, he fell over on his back! It's hard to describe... I guess you'd have to be there to get it. It was cute and funny! Words really can't do it justice!

     But then! Something magical happened.


     Yesterday Wy did this thing where he tried to propel forward and pretty much ended with his butt over his head a couple of times. But today!! He did it!! He moved himself forward at least a foot, twice!! I even got some of it on video!

     You can hear and see the proof that I am an excellent parent and that he has my full attention and love at all times! It's so cute the way that he moves his bottom, and then the rest of his body tries to catch up. He's the best!!

My mood: excited but worried about toddler-proofing!!
Wyatt's mood: tried and frustrated but feeling accomplished.
Listening to: the theme song from Monk

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