Thursday, March 29, 2012

America's Favorite Game

     It's the question on everyone's mind: Is There Anything Wyatt Won't Put In His Mouth?
     I picture a cheesy game show studio with exciting music and flashing lights, as the crowd says the name of the game in unison. A bunch of objects are put on a table and we all vote if Wyatt will or won't put it in his mouth.

     Corners of tables. Lamp posts. Extension cords. The bottom of a crutch. It's never ending!

Bag of wipes!
His shoe!
His other shoe!
My shoe!
Oh come on, not a dirty diaper, Wyatt?! Have some standards!!
Awww, you did it! A dirty diaper!! Ew!

     Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking Wait a second. It looks like all of these photos were taken at the same time! Same pants, same spot on the carpet, some of the same objects were in earlier pictures! You were putting grosser and grosser things in front of him to suck on!

     Wow, um, you are pretty astute it seems.

     It's interesting, though, that there are things he won't suck on. He no longer tries to get milk from his mom or I anymore. He doesn't like sucking on my fingers or arm like he used to. I think he's exploring and learning about the world through his mouth, which is kind of weird. But I guess it does let him sense heat, texture, taste, temperature, wet/dry, he probably smells things better, and gets a closer look. It's really a sensory goldmine, if you think about it.

     Also, what a straight cutie he is!!

     My mood: spring break!
     Wyatt's mood: he wants to do more than he is capable of, and that frustrates him. So, "frustrated."
     Listening to: Outkast

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