Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Head Bobbin'!!

(True story: For a moment the title of this post was "Head Boobin'!!" which we can all agree would have been hilarious.)

     Have you ever been to the zoo, or an aquariam, and seen a whale move its head up and down? It's a whole body movement, really, because whales don't really have necks. Well, Wyatt has started to do the same thing. All the time, and it's hilarious. He has three or four new skills: shouting and screaming in an incredibly high pitched voice at will, rolling over and crawling anywheres (twice off the bed!), saying ba! ba!, and now the head nod. Let me show you, in his best video yet:

     I think that video is pretty great, because he's so adorable and crawling closer and closer and then ends with the head bob!! When whales do it, it is a sign of aggression. They are looking to see if any other whales will head-bob back, and then go at it. When Wyatt does it, I have absolutely no idea what it means.

     Yes, you read correctly above. Wyatt has crawled off our bed and hit the floor twice in the past week. It's taking some adjusting to on the old dad's part. I can't just put Wyatt somewhere, come back a few hours later and he will still be there anymore! I have been very proud of myself for not dropping him or hitting his head or stepping on him or feeding him battery acid or anything, but didn't want to comment on it. Now that the streak is over, I can identify that I was doing pretty good for a while.

     But it's encouraging, because when he bumps his head he only cries for a second or two (basically until you pick him up and start hugging/playing with him), so maybe he's not going to be much of a crier, like his daddy.

     Here are some more pictures of Wyatt being the cutest baby on the planet (except for you baby, if you have one, which is undoubtedly cuter. Way cuter than those other babies out there, amiright?!)

My mood: a bit of a failure
Wyatt's mood: distrustful of gravity
Listening to: Zelda soundtracks

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