Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bike Wash!!

   Wyatt has been especially adorable lately. New haircut, cute clothes, speaking in gibberish and trying to do whatever I do. It's just the most precious thing! (Sometimes I feel especially maternal when writing things like this, so we are going to take a more butch tone moving forward).

   I wanted to take him for a bike ride today using our wonderful bike trailer (although if you're in the market for one, (you could start here). This would be the first time he was old enough to not have to ride in the bike trailer like this, but like a regular, well-adjusted kid. I pulled the trailer out of storage and saw that it had gotten a decent amount of mold, so I attacked it like a facebooker on gun control.

   I scrubbed and scrubbed and Wyatt watched very interested. I finished and went to grab the pump, turned around and saw this happening:

   The little dude grabbed my brush, dipped it in the soapy water and started scrubbing. Light, barely-touching-the-fabric scrubbing. I'd say it was super sweet, but I'm a man so I am going to say it was about time.

   If you'd like to see a minute and ten seconds of shaky-cam footage, be my guest:

   This trend has been picking up steam for a while now. We've put a new floor in our kitchen, and he loves to help with this process too. Here's some pictures to prove it:

Working on the old floor

Helping grandpa stare at something.

Drawing complex plans requiring advanced mathematics, cause that's what I do.
   He's most excited to help from someone's lap. I would be hammering and he's slowly, awkwardly insert himself in my lap, grab the hammer, and then start hitting the wall. Pretty great. Also, about time he does something.
Wyatt managed to smudge the old camera, so let's pretend like that blurry spot  in the entire picture is just an artistic expression of youth and how the young lack clarity of thought or something, okay?!

  We eventually got it all clean, rode to the park and had a great time. While at the park, we saw a dog and made the sound a doggie makes:

My mood: whatever
Wy's mood: doing his fair share
Listening to: James Taylor


  1. is the video shaky 'cos you're crying from how cute and adorable he is? the sigh at the end is the cherry on top.

    1. I find it hard to get a good angle AND keep him in focus. I have to bend over so far to get the camera around his height. I'll get better!!