Monday, March 25, 2013

Prettiest One!!

Remember this boyishness as you keep reading.

   I tell Cara two things regarding her makeup: 1) She's so pretty she doesn't need to wear it (awww) and also 2) For crying out loud keep it out of reach of Wyatt!!

   He's grabbed her foundation and played with it on at least four occassions. To teach Cara a lesson, and just to see what would happen, I let him go to town this last time. See!

That's the first of many, lucky you!! This one has a bit more action in it.

A little later, after I put some clothes on him, he found a different thing of makeup to play with, in the other bathroom.

Finally, I gave up on trying to even care anymore.

   A lesser man might be nervous about the fact that his son is playing with makeup so... effectively. Not me! I'm not a lesser man! I'm a greater man! I'm not worried and we definitely didn't spend the next three days watching sports and war movies and practicing standing and peeing.

My mood: oh so proud
Wy's mood: pretty!! On the inside and the out


  1. Ohhhhh good Lord, Grant, mineral make-up isn't cheap!!! Hahahaha.

    I will say that I am very impressed by Wy's dexterity in handling the make-up brush. He has excellent technique.

    I will also say that I really like that make-up brush. Who makes it and where can I get it?

    Also, say hi to Cara for me. :) We are sad you guys aren't down here with us, but RJ had to be a dingus and go on this spring break trip, and I had to be "responsible" and get a job. :P

    1. Wow, Alice, let's go ahead and assume I am the problem here. Sure, that sounds fair. I'm not the on leaving it in reach of those adorable, dexterous little hands, am I? I'd taken the makeup away dozens upon dozens of times, so clearly someone needed to learn a lesson.

      Also, we wish we were playing with y'all too. Boo rj.