Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter Break Maybe!!

   So, it's been a dreadful long time since I've updated MKIS. You don't need to tell me how long it's been, or how lonely you've been, or how your life is a little bit more empty without seeing pictures of Wyatt smiling with his asymmetric-toothed grin. I know all of this.
   But!! With school out on winter break and me having TONS of things to share with the world THAT THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW, you can expect to have a more fulfilling holiday season, with a multitude of blog posts coming your way!! I will probably update the blog at least three times!!

   Lots to catch up on, we'll take it one piece at a time. I mentioned a while back that my life is significantly more hectic now than it was before. I'm teaching full time, teaching part time, in school to get a master's in math, married to a woman who works nearly full time, and have a baby who isn't pooping. That's a lot of stuff, except for the poop, which isn't a lot. It's pretty much none. (I won't talk about poo the whole time, so hang on).

   Things get lost in the shuffle of being so busy. I don't just mean time to blog. I mean like we've lost an iPod and some of the baby's medicine in the shuffle of being so busy. So, when I found this laying around on our table, I wasn't surprised:

   Well look at that. The wife has been plotting!! New floor in kitchen, new counter tops, shred paper. A whole bunch of little, hour-or-two projects there, right? Wrong. Putting in a new kitchen floor will take at least five months, especially if Cara's dad gets involved. There's stuff she wants me to do, but like a selfish spouse she never once considered things that I want and need to do. So I fixed it.


   See, Cara!! You have stuff you want to get done and I have stuff I want to get done. Who's to say whose stuff is more important? That's right, I am. I am to say whose stuff is more important because I am man. It's like that show "Who's the Boss," because it also has the word "who's" in it and I am getting pretty confused on when I should say "who's" and when I should say "whose." Let's look closer.

   Okay fine so it's a little blurry. I know you're thinking "Grant you're never going to get rich off this blog if you keep posting bad, blurry photos. And if you only update once a month. And if you keep recycling old blog posts." Yeah, I know all of this. I was voted "top 10 blogger" by my math classes because I gave them extra credit, so I clearly know what's going on. Let's just move on and compare lists.

Round 1
Wife: New Floor in Kitchen (I'd like to point out that she only wants this so she can avoid cleaning the current floor in kitchen).
Husband: fix flat tire
Winner: Husband. Fixing a flat tire is an easier, more practical and more important project. That is why I will do it before my winter break is over. Don't worry, the Manlyvan is still driving like a champ, the flat was on my 1995 Buick Grandma that I am still driving for some unknown reason.

Round 2
Wife: New Counter tops in bathroom
Husband: Clean Garage
Winner: Husband. New counter tops cannot really be installed until we have a functional clean garage with space to work. I'll be sure and clean the garage right after Christmas, but I can't really do that until I've changed the flat tire so I can get the car out of the garage, and who knows when that flat will get changed?!

Round 3
Wife: Paint new chest
Husband: Nap EVERYDAY.
Winner: Draw. Why don't you paint the chest, Cara!?

That's all there is to compare. Final score: Cara should do some stuff on her own. Just like I do, all the time, with my Zelda-ing and napping. No one's asking me to go do those things for them, I just decide I am going to do them and I do them.

Oh right I have a baby here're some pictures of him.

   Oh gosh will you chill out. The cups were empty, he wasn't drinking any coffee. If Cara were here she'd make me apologize for the dirty house, but Cara's not here. She's at work. And also I don't know where Wyatt is right now I think he shut himself in the bathroom again so I better go.

My mood: stuff to do that I want to do!!
Wyatt's mood: he needs to go potty but can't!!
Listening to:  Baby Please Come Home by U2

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