Monday, December 24, 2012

Turning A Parental Corner

In case you weren't sure, this is how you look good.

   Somewhere along the line it happened. I don't know when or why, but people stopped giving me baby advice.
   No more do I hear about how best to get a baby to sleep, or what foods give what poops, or how to lose the baby weight. People no longer regale me with their stories of how little Andrew would roll around in his crib, or baby Jason once did the funniest thing and you just have to hear it!
   All this advice never really bothered me, unless it had a typically condescending tone. I know it's a good feeling to impart some wisdom and experience, and to feel like you are helping someone else. But, the fact that I don't receive advice anymore means that I am either a) an obviously wonderful parent who doesn't need any help, or b) a lost cause.

   However, I told myself early on that I would never do the same to other new parents. It's not like my 24 months of baby experience (Wyatt's 15 months yesterday, mommy was pregnant two years ago) are really that much better than anyone else's.

We we're watching Caillou and he fell asleep. Only after whining a ton. Because
Caillou is boring and he whines a lot. Is this making sense to anyone but me?

   So imagine my shock when I did just that. A few weeks ago I found myself telling story after story of sleeping habits, neediness, feeding cycles and diaper densities to a poor new mom. She was very patient and kind, just like I once was before the world turned me in to this jaded creature before you. "HE'LL NEVER SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!" I yelled at the poor girl, waking up her daughter. IT NEVER HAPPENS!! Teething, hunger, diaper changes, upset stomachs, bad cases of the cuddles; all these things wake baby up and of course wake daddy up.

   Do I have wisdom to share?! Sure I do. Lots and lots. But if it's not asked for, it's not given. That's my new policy. I will follow this policy unless you are obviously ruining your child and someone needs to step in. That someone might as well be me.

My mood: a proud and accomplished father.
Wyatt's mood: he's just a little boy he wants all the toys he and I hate the show Caillou.
Listening to: Nothing.

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