Wednesday, November 28, 2012

He's A Climber, People!!

   Cara and I have different parenting techniques. By which I mean that I actually have parenting techniques. One of the main differences is things we'll leave on the floor. She comes home and sets everything on the floor, which doesn't bother me - until Baby Wallet gets into her wallet. I guess I don't want a baby handling cash or losing our credit cards. Me? I put everything on the table, up high where he can't get it.

   Well, that's not going to work anymore.

   This started about a week ago. I've seen him climb on these chairs before, but never when it was isolated from other objects. It always involved using another chair or a toy or something else for help. This is a new world. It's like every third week is a new world, really.

   This is also new:

   Do you see where this is going!? I used to be that I could just shut a computer and that was the end of it. Now he can open them!? When they are on top of the table!? This is a problem.

   So of course, all it took was about three days and he's here:

   He's now able to climb himself onto the table - from a chair he pulled out from under the table - and get into my wallet. I guess I will need a new system. Maybe I'll start storing all of my stuff in Garrett's Loft:

   Those little "shelves" are usually where people put potted plants or Native American art or something. We've got lots of good plans for that space, but we call it Garrett's Loft because that's where we make my little brother sleep whenever he spends the night over here. There's even an outlet up there so he can plug in his boombox and have a night light. He loves it okay.

My mood: I have a lot more things to be afraid of for Wyatt's sake now. Like more heights and that one time he was holding an open can of spray paint in the house. (Thanks Cara!!)
Wyatt's mood: I can do whatever I want!!
Listening to: A Whole New World, actually

OH WAIT!! I almost forgot! I have a video of him climbing stairs for the first time. What!? I must be THE BEST DAD EVER!!

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