Monday, November 19, 2012

Wyatt: Tamer of Animals

Nope, no animals here. Or anywhere in this post, practically.

   Oh man I blew it, everyone. This blog post, as fantastic as it will undoubtedly be, could have been like 30 times better.

   I am about to tell you how much Wyatt enjoys chasing animals. I will give cute anecdotes about all the millions dozens maybe nine cats in our cul-de-sac that he likes to approach, stare at, and then try to grab. He'll even walk deep into neighbors' yards in pursuit. I'll post a video of him herding geese. There will be a squirrel mention (we call the squirrel Peter Rabbit because he kind of looks like this guy named Jeff my wife once knew).
   But all of that pales in comparison to Saturday, November 10th, when Wyatt and I were going for a walk and saw a rabbit in someone's yard. A cute, 5th-grade-class-pet sort of bunny. It was happily nibbling on leaves in someone's front yard. I set Wyatt down, and he chased the rabbit in the world's most adorable little circles around the bushes. They must have done three precious laps. I, of course, did not have my camera on me. I, of course, am too cheap to spring for a smartphone and data plan. I, of course, blew it.

   We've gone back to that neighborhood 4 times in the past week. One time, we saw the bunny outside again, but it was on the other side of a fence, in someone's side yard. I was short on time, actually, otherwise I would have risked some mild trespassing for the video of a lifetime. I haven't seen the bunny since, and yesterday there was a big riding lawnmower where Dave the Rabbit used to be, so we fear the worst.

   So, yay. What fun we are having here. Look at this stupid video of geese or whatever, but know that this could have been a top ten blog post, right up there with discipline, the birthday video and this funny video. Instead we are left with more middling drivel:

   It's too bad that his triumphant primal screams at the end are so worthless due to the lack of adorable bunny action. I've really failed everyone, and I apologize. Let's just move on before we realize that I have lots of good pictures of Wyatt with his auntie's dog Scout, and call it quits. We'll try again soon.

   If you'd like to make a donation to the Get Grant A Smartphone So His Blog Won't Be A Pile Of Crap Fund, let me know.

My mood: extremely positive
Wyatt's mood: another painful tooth coming in! Oh no!
Listening to: Viva La Vida by Coldplay.

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