Saturday, November 10, 2012

Coming Clean

   Okay, everyone. I'll fess up. I've been deceiving you for a while. When I started this blog, it was really as a joke. I wanted to mock my plight at the time of suddenly being a stay-at-home dad. My pharmacist wife went back to work, I was on winter break from school for a month, and I was home. It was weird.
    For the following nine months, I worked part time at the community college, usually working two days a week. The other five I was home with the baby. And I plotted and I planned and I blogged. I realized that blogging was a great way to keep a record of the little boy's young life. And it was fun!! I would spend all day thinking of funny things and ways to make my wife mad.
    Well, I got a full time teaching job that started in September. And I am still teaching at Lane. And, um, I've started working on getting a master's degree in mathematics online. So, pretty much overnight, I got busy. Like, really busy. I'm no longer a desperate housedad like I used to be, and I wanted to keep that from you. Lock me up.
   What does this mean for you!? Wow, what a selfish question for you to ask. It really means that, for a while at least, My Kid Is Special is going to be much less satire and much more actual, honest-to-goodness  mommy bloggy. I know I know, I don't like it either. What, now you're mad!? Goodness, here I thought we were friends.
   SO!! I'll make it up to you. We had some pictures taken a couple of weeks ago. Here's some goodies. I'll even throw in some potentially-funny captions or something!!

Gosh he's just the cutest. Good thing my hideous face is well hidden.

What a perfect family we must be. I mean, look at this picture! His hand on her thigh really sells it.

The ball is a metaphor for trust. Or, wait, was it friendship? I forget. I just know that we are blurry in the background to symbolize parenting in 21st century America.

Oh, um, I didn't mean for two of these to make it into this album. But notice how well combed his hair looks.

And then compare to his halo of light in this picture.

Outfit change!!! What a happy baby.

There's something over there!!

Just in case you weren't sure what his back looks like.

My mood: ashamed
Wy's mood: cutey cute!
Listening to: Clair De Lune

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