Thursday, November 10, 2016

Big Brother Update!!

Announcing pregnancies is a young blogger's game, so let's ruin the secret right off the bat: Spoiler alert, we're having another one. Baby is due at the end of May and Cara's been real sick so far. Like, can't get off the couch, certainly can't make dinner, and probably can't clean a single thing or stop watching Netflix sick

We had planned to keep it from Wyatt for a while, but then we got bored and grabbed a camera. If you've been around the Wy Guy at all lately, you know how sweet and excitable he is, so this was a prime moment for us to get some precious, viral-ready video of him finding out he's going to have another baby to torment him.

Here goes:

Oh goodness. That's a top-five video for me at this point. No joke. (If you're curious, here are the other top 4, in no particular order.) Colin is one of the neighbor boys across the street, and any chance Wyatt gets to play with a neighbor boy causes him to abandon any activity that was currently taking place. I could be giving him candy wrapped in money and he'd run out to see Colin if given the chance.

We are looking forward to having what is most certainly a boy. We know it's a boy because there's no way it's not a boy, so there's no reason to ask us what we are having, it has to be a boy. Wyatt wants to name the baby "Jet," which was growing on me until I heard the full name: "Jet Rocket Flash." Now I'm convinced. (When asked what we should name a girl, he said "I don't know that's hard. Maybe... "Jet Girl"?")

Actually, there's a lot of pressure on naming your kid "Jet." If he doesn't have sweet black hair from the 50's, isn't super fast, or isn't generally cool, he can't pull it off and is essentially cursed with letting people down whenever they meet him for his whole life. Since this child will be my offspring, there's really no chance he will be cool or super fast, so we'll probably have to stick with Tham for a boy, Thara for a girl.

Once we finally got to hit Wy with the news, some great things happened. For example, he made it REALLY clear to us that he understands how a C-Section works.

Sheesh, that killed me. He was going to show me the scars that Cara has from her C-sections when he turned and showed me his belly. He's asked once or twice "When will they cut the baby out of mom?" and I think he has no idea what a natural birth is like. But then again, does anyone?

And if you were wondering, Link spent that whole video saying "Cheese" because there was a camera on. It's basically the only word he can say.

So, yeah, baby's coming. Things are pretty exciting around these parts. Wyatt's so excited that while I was skyping with a friend a few nights ago, he said "Hey Rj guess what! I got a yo-yo! And my mom's having A BABY!"

Hopefully Cara starts feeling better soon and then we can start eating meals again, because it's getting pretty hungry around here.

My mood: excited but hungry
Wy's mood: super excited, praying for the baby all the time
Link's mood: not wanting to talk
Cara's mood: unhappy
Listening to: Pearl Jam

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