Monday, April 9, 2012

Feeding Your Family

     People ask me all the time: How are you able to work, care for your baby, maintain the house, keep your fantastic style and make consistently delicious, wholesome meals? It must be a lot of work!!
     Well, I'll help you out. I've taken the time to show my general meal making process, and you can adapt to your own tastes and families! It's really just two or three simple steps!!!

     It all starts with carbs. Lots and lots of carbs. Either rice or noodles, take your pick.

Brown rice and noodles. One or the other every night!!

     Step two is the most important step. Find some sort of sauce, heat it up, and pour it over the cooked carbs.

Pesto (Costco), Yellow Curry Sauce (Trader Joe's), Spaghetti
Sauce (Safeway) and, um, Salsa? (Costco?) all make great carb toppings.
     Bang! Just like that, you've got a great meal! Nothing more is needed!

     BUT!! If you want more, you can always add chicken!

Roasted chicken (recommended), frozen chicken, or chicken of the sea (not pictured) are all great chicken options. 
     You might be thinking "I don't think chicken sounds good with spaghetti sauce or, um, salsa." I reply with "You never know unless you try! I haven't tried, though, because it sounds kind of gross."

     Now, if this seems like too much work, we can cut out a step:

Frozen orange chicken (Costco) or frozen bbq teriyaki chicken (TJ's) can
combine steps two and three!! And it tastes fantastic!
     You might be thinking "What about vegetables?! Doesn't your growing family need vegetables?!" I reply with "That's the beauty of those sauces! They throw all kinds of vegetables in there for taste and health so you can pretty much just drink the stuff and you're set!"

     And just like that, you have 7 or 8 meals in a row all planned out! You don't even need to pay for a meal plan!!

     Now, if you're family isn't at home with you and you need dinner (or any meal), well, I have one thing to say:

True story: I was given boxes of this cereal for birthdays and graduation presents in high school.

     Keep your eyes out for the release of my cookbook!! I've been working on it for years. I will take all recipes that come from the back and side panels of the foods and ingredients you buy in stores, and put them all in one place! So if you ever forget how to make a batch of Ghirardelli brownies, you'll be able to find the instructions!! Why hasn't anyone done this sooner!? (Don't steal my idea).

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