Friday, December 19, 2014

Baby Feet!!

   This blog post is exactly what it sounds like. Millions and millions of pictures of baby feet. I don't know why there were so many on the camera once I loaded the pictures onto the computer, but after assessing some damage control, I think it's a problem. Like, I am concerned for my wife and her foot obsession. Check this out...

Cara took every single one of these pictures.

I am going to show them all to you. 
Some pictures are almost indistinguishable from each other.

Others are just like what?!

But no, this is not the same exact picture as the last one. She just took two of them.

This is a much better angle.

Yeah okay that's kind of cute.

I suppose they are absurdly tiny. 
Okay my plan to mock Cara is backfiring - I am becoming obsessed with baby feet.

Don't hide from me, foot!! You're too cute!!

Wait... is this the same picture as before? (No!!)

This one is!!

We told the left foot "Be plain" and the right foot "Get angry!!"

"Work that camera, left!! What are you doing, right?!!"

I need to wrap this up in a hurry.
What!? Really, Cara? Your own feet?

I didn't realize this was such a thing for you.

I mean, if you'd told me, I guess we could have worked on it.

Did you move to a new location to get a different pattern in the background?

Here's an old picture of Wyatt's feet I dug around to find. I guess I need t join the party and make this a family affair...

I wanted to try and join in the fun, but failed miserably. Socks!? What was I thinking.

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