Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mobile Sandbox!!

   Whoa! This was unexpected!! I made a quick, kind-of-spontaneous trip to by some soil for our planter boxes and berry bushes, but wasn't able to lay the soil for a while. Guess what resulted?! That's right!! A giant sandbox on wheels!!

Well, it's not sand, obvs, because we aren't planting our veggies in sand, so don't freak out on me about my soil choice, but sheesh did Wyatt love playing in that dirt.

Nothing makes a man feel like a more accomplished father than having his son all dirty, smiley, and happy to play in the bed of his truck, while that man crushes Candy Crush and hums some bars of Frozen.

Who knew that spending 30-some bucks on dirt could feed our plants AND feed Wyatt's imagination?! I did, but you didn't so now you ... do ... wait...


That... that was fertilized dirt he was playing in. And then eating. And then licking me. Does that ...huh. So, I guess that means that I am still a really great dad and we shouldn't dwell on this anymore but just remember how happy he was and how awesome it was and goodbye.

My mood: not at all disgusted
Wyatt's mood: not at all clean
Listening to: not at all Frozen


  1. hilarious. I didn't realize how behind I was on this blog. that was fun. I'm sad it's over.

  2. Don't worry! It's not over! In a week or so I'll be done with my summer classes and free up some time to really polish up some back catalog posts.