Friday, December 6, 2013

There's No Way You're Prepared For This Cuteness

Oh gosh. This cute already!?

   Seriously. You just aren't ready to handle the pictures that are coming your direction. I'll try to space them out in such a fashion that you have some time to cope and recover. But, know this: Wyatt is coming, and he's taking no prisoners. Let's go.

   Sheesh!! That's what we're up against, people!! An adorable kid gleefully petting a tiny horse while in Christmas Garb, including a green down vest. If he were to learn to speak right now and ask me to buy him a tiny horse, I would be unable to say no.

   Let's take a step back and try to regroup a little. Here's a photo where my presence alone drops the overwhelming cuteness factor by a significant degree:

   Yeah, okay, that's manageable. Sure, that little helmet is absurdly precious, but both of my chins do a pretty good job of counter-acting his tiny hands.

   Oh gosh, one-two-three in a row, just like that?! Not fair!! I don't know if this kid could get any cuter. He certainly couldn't have his picture taken anymore than it was on this day of Christmas-Tree Hunting, a sport as old as the earth itself. We walked up to the tree farm, grabbed the first pre-cut tree we saw, and then chased Wyatt around this wagon/hay ride thing:

   Okay, okay, too much fun. Let's pause, for a moment, with this picture of a bird eating some apple in our backyard, just so we can all catch our breath before moving on.

   Wait, that's... that's actually a pretty cool picture too.

   Okay, we're almost done here. A couple more, and then I'll let you get back to whatever you previously accomplishing before this inevitable intrusion of picturesqueness.

Look at how happy he is to be in that... kind of wet? ... sleigh!!

Look at how distressed he is when his mom and dad joined him!! Also, WHOSE CAR IS THAT IN THE BACKGROUND!?
   I know what you're thinking. You're thinking Huh, Wyatt's dressed up in that adorable vest/plaid-shirt combo, Cara's wearing a nice scarf and a Christmasy Jacket, and Grant, you're wearing a plain white t-shirt!? Aren't you the guy that once wore a matching outfit with your son for Christmas? Did you not know you were taking Christmas photos?! I did!! I did know!! I'll have YOU know that I had on a nice all-black fleece jacket over this, but the temperatures weren't actually that cold so I took it off!!
   Also! I'll have you know that this is the exact same outfit I wore to Wy's second birtday party! And it's also what I am wearing right now!! You know what they say: If an outfit works once, wear it over and over again at every possible event!!

   But, as you'll see in a moment, I can sure make it look good:
Nothing Says "Classy Man" Like a Chevy, jeans and a white shirt, a good stare off into the distance, and a porta-potty in the background. Thanks for framing this one so well, Cara.

My mood: over cutifieid
Wyatt's mood: relentlessly cute
Listening to: Kings of Leon

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