Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Wyatt Explains the New Baby!!

You've probably noticed that our rate of new posts here at My Kids Is Special has fallen faster than Lincoln's diaper after I don't change it for three days. There's a lot going on around here. To start: holy cow there's a new person in the world!!

His name is Jet Henry Gilchrist. He was born weighing some pounds and some ounces, and is some inches long (for you metric system aficionados, that converts to "some centimeters.")

Here is the mandatory "Our life is perfect and our kids are well-behaved" picture, taken by Betsey over at Framed Living. Trust me, this is the only one where all the boys cooperated.

I should've been more specific in that last picture. When I said "all the boys cooperated," what I meant was "I am usually the problem, with all my hilarious, never-get-old faces." We've generally found that family photos look better without me, like this one that Betsey at Framed Living also took. The next one, however, is one of the better pictures of me ever taken:

Thanks, Betsey at Framed Living! You found my best angle. Also, I am super strong. Also, this is the cleanest our room has ever been. Within about 5 hours Jet, Lincoln, and I had all peed on the bedspread.

So as you can see, there's stuff going on around here. But another happening comes in the form of Wyatt's new fame. Cara and Wyatt have been posting videos on YouTube, which, I'll help you out, is a website used for posting videos on. They're called "Wyatt Explains," and they are pretty incredible. Here's Wyatt explaining his new baby brother (SFW):

They've made 6 or 7 of these videos, with more planned. Cara and Wyatt took a break while she was busy napping growing a baby, but they're both looking forward to making more. Please share/subscribe/stalk if you like it.

I'll share more soon, but this was a good start. Jet, we love you!!

My mood: proud to have three boys
Wyatt's mood: Excited to be a great big brother. Much better than he's been to Lincoln, we all agree.
Lincoln's mood: Thinking about potty training.
Cara's mood: Happy to not have a person in her.
My updated mood: Happy Cara can start cooking/cleaning again.
Listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers

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