Friday, November 13, 2015

Wedding Photos!! Sort of!!

   We've not had a picture dump here at MKIS for a while. There's actually a tragic backstory to this. Uncle Garrett got married to Aunt Faith back in July. Don't worry, they weren't related before the wedding. Of course, ring-bearer Wyatt had an absurd amount of adorable photos. Some taken by the wedding photographer, but lots by Cara and I. 

   Sadly, towards the end of the big day, the SD card in our camera became corrupted. All the photos were lost. And, I mean, look at what you are missing out on, world:

This was actually the "You may now kiss the bride" part of the wedding. Wyatt thought he should insert himself now or forever hold his peace.

Look at how happy they are. Too bad it can't last.

Look at how happy we are!! It'll last forever!!
   These pictures were taken by our friend Kaela, over at Kaela Mey Photography. She was the Wyatt photographer. I mean, wedding photographer. We, however, are pretty devastated by the lost pictures from that SD card. I won't go on and on about it, but know that there was good stuff in there. Here are some second rate pictures, that were not lost:

This is Lincoln's first time wearing a helmet!! And first bike ride!!

This photo is titled "About to sunburn."

Is he cross-eyed? 

This was before he consumed seven leaves.

Wyatt is firmly entrenched in the "trying to smile but actually just baring teeth" stage.

Whereas Link is stuck in the "What does this taste like? Oh. Steel" stage.

It took like 600 pictures to get a good one.

Link, however, only needs one shot to bust a move like this.

You're welcome.

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