Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter 2015!!

Wow, this picture is so ... very ... looking-at-the-camera ... like. Nothing says Easter like a big ol' flower couch.

   Cara and I have worked pretty hard to get Wyatt to understand some things about Easter. One day, I came home from work and Cara was excited to have Wyatt tell me the Easter story. Then, she was appalled when he talked about nothing but eggs and bunnies for 3 minutes. Cara claims this didn't come from her, but she's been known to lie.

   Still, we knew we'd done our job when Wyatt woke up on Easter Sunday. Cara saw him first, she said "Happy Easter!!" and Wyatt paused, got excited, and said "Jesus is not dead! Jesus is alive!" This is way cuter and way less spiritually-creepy as it is sounding, right now.

   However, by the end of the day he was crying and demanding more eggs with candy in them. The ones without candy weren't good enough.

This cowboy needs more eggs.

   Our neighbors across the street have four boys, and everyone in the family loves Wyatt. They like Cara and tolerate me, but can't get enough of our little heartbreaker. They are the sweetest family, and give meaning to the phrase "It takes a village..." because I will often send Wyatt outside with a note that says "dad can't parent right now please watch me" taped to his chest. They gladly do.

   These fantastic neighbors hid a bunch of eggs for Wyatt while we were at church. When Wyatt found some, they hid some more. They all had candy in them. The ones that Cara hid had Tootsie rolls in them, which is probably worse than no candy at all.

Wyatt unwrapped lots of candy, left it on the floor, and walked away. When asked why he did this, he said "I'm getting it ready for my friends."

My mood: forgetful
Wy's mood: greedy
Lincoln's mood: still much just hungry and/or sleepy
Listening to: Wyatt singing his Baby Cow song

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