Sunday, January 26, 2014

Self Entertaining!!

Car-cars and George-Georges

   Whoa, guys, Wyatt has gotten really good at playing with himself. Wait, I mean, let me rephrase that. Wyatt's gotten really good at playing by himself. He's at this adorable, precious little point where he will drive his cars everywhere, say a bunch of gibberish, and then have a big exclamation. Like this.

   Just so you know, this video is like 50 seconds long and is not 100% action, which means it will feel like it's four years long in internet time. However, the main reason I have this blog is NOT to entertain you and NOT so that I can get attention for myself, but so that I can have a place to come and look at videos and pictures and stories of me Wyatt for years to come. Also, odds are pretty good that you are my grandma and want to see this anyways, so, you probably don't care.

   Are you curious about what he is thinking, saying, or acting out? Well, pretty much all we watch is the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drifts in our household, so, odds are pretty good it's that.

A few things to notice about my parenting techniques:

  1. I have a "dog-bowl" style feeding system. There's a big vat of food, eat it if you want.
  2. Dirty hands are not bad hands. Go ahead and touch that cute little stationery your Aunt gave your mom. In fact, touch every page just a little.
  3. Do you see how he plays around the laptop?! He knows he shouldn't touch it, but what can he possibly due if that George and George George head in the computers direction?
  4. I have to ignore Wyatt for about 10 minutes for him to play like this. Once he gets the point, he'll play. He'll bug his mom ALL DAY, however, so she has it harder.
   Here's a bit more of the same, a few minutes later (I edited out some gripping footage of him slowly walking to the couch to get a couple more car-cars.) I always have the same thought: What triggers him to do what he does? Why does he decide to drive to the banana and play with it for a second? Why, all of a sudden, does he grab more tomato sauce? What on earth is going on in that head of is, and holy cow I wish I knew what he thought he was saying.

   He will do this for hours. I mean, hours. I'm pretty sure that I could go to the store and back and he'd still be doing his Vin Diesel on the floor. He even does it as he's falling asleep. (This video's like 12 seconds long so chill out!!)

  Sure is cute and sure is fun!! We'll see how long he is able to self entertain, and hopefully it lasts through the long, wet winter.

My mood: kind of left out, actually
Wy's mood: Car crash george george!!
Listening to: Jake and the Never Land Pilots. Oh, wait, Pirates, they're pirates.

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