Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nap On The Back!!

   Wyatt is able to hold himself up around my neck, which is a new thing. He's actually got a pretty strong grip. He even swings on the big kid swings!! Those are too scary for me...  He loves climbing on my back, and then directing me to run around, usually into walls. Today, he climbed on my back, and slowly but surely fell asleep...

   Taking this picture was actually pretty tough. But! Doesn't "Nap on the back" kind of sound like a Dr Suess book? I should write that book. Lots of words rhyme with "back," like... uh... abstract? Maybe later.

   Let me try to make parenting a little more glamorous:

This lasted like two hours.

I don't know why, but Cara gets pictures that are like this:

Not fair.

Actually, Wyatt won't even sleep or cuddle with me like that. Usually he is spending his time pushing, kicking, or pooping me out of whatever position I am in. Not fair!!

My mood: feeling unfair
Wyatt's mood: tired all the time!!
Listening to: awful, awful sportscaster

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